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Q&A with Jeff Vannoy

Senior Product Manager of Turf Solutions at BASF explains how their 2023 Early Order Program offers a simplified approach to planning, ordering and saving to help superintendents prepare for a successful season

What does the theme “STRAIGHT FORWARD” mean for turf professionals, and what should their expectations be for the BASF 2023 Early Order Program (EOP)?

Customers should expect that when they partner with BASF, they will experience the most seamless EOP in the industry. Nobody has an easier, more viable program. We work hard to give our customers great savings and a great portfolio, and we don’t make it complicated. Stock up on powerful chemistries and save big with industry-leading rebates up to 25% so you can deliver amazing turf conditions for your course. That’s what Straight Forward is all about.

How does the BASF EOP help simplify the planning process for superintendents?

Our EOP consistently scores the highest among end-users and DSRs because we have a simple and rewarding program. We put superintendents in control so they can buy exactly what they need in the quantities required for their course. A few years ago, we discovered that superintendents had excess products from pre-arranged pallet orders they couldn’t use, which wasn’t in the best interest of the customer; therefore, we discontinued pallets and created an EOP where customers could design their own programs without the stress. For example, we have eight fungicide brands — start an order with any three of those brands and start unlocking savings. Unlike some other manufacturer programs, you can buy for the acreage your course needs, earning higher rebates the more you spend.

2023 Early Order Program - Golf

Earn rebates up to 25%. Let BASF help you start 2023 stress-free by pointing your turf success in one direction — STRAIGHT FORWARD.

What new role do Intrinsic® brand fungicides play in this year’s EOP?

With Intrinsic brand fungicides, you get amazing disease control, but you also get plant health benefits that have been scientifically demonstrated. In 2009, Intrinsic brand fungicides became the first plant health brand to get an EPA approved label — before plant health was a common discussion. BASF was the original pioneer of plant health in many ways, and our customers know that. Intrinsic brand fungicides are the perfect anchor for foundational spray programs. Whether superintendents are currently using them or are looking to try them, they can earn an additional 1% rebate with our new Intrinsic Brand Fungicide Kicker when they add any Intrinsic product to their plan. The extra 1% rebate will then be applied to everything in their Design-Your-Own Program fungicide order. It’s a smart way to try a new solution or to stock up on well known, trusted brands.

Tell us about Across-the-Course Solutions. How do they bring versatility to EOP?

BASF has products in almost every category that can truly be used all over the golf course. Some of our best solutions are herbicides, insecticides and spray colorants, and those products make up our Across-The-Course Solutions offering. Anyone who spends $25,000 on the Design-Your-Own Program fungicides will automatically earn an additional rebate of 10% on these products.

How does this year’s program reward superintendents for reaching those top qualifying purchase levels?

We truly believe BASF has the best and most well-rounded Early Order Program with a combination of incredibly generous rebates and some of the industry’s best chemistries available. You can’t ignore an EOP program where there’s an opportunity to earn up to a 25% rebate — that’s a rewarding incentive, and any superintendent willing to invest in their course can earn great savings. With competitors, you have to spend $50,000-$100,000 to get 10% and buy pallets with excess products that may not fit your needs. To us, it’s important that customers don’t end up with products that they won’t use.

If you had to give one reason why superintendents should start their season by ordering through BASF EOP, what would it be?

The BASF 2023 Early Order Program offers superintendents top-tier innovations at the year’s best rebates, with no hassles. We offer extensive savings on some of the most cutting-edge products in the industry, ensuring superintendents can buy exactly what they need while maximizing their rebates. This year, point your turf success in the right direction — Straight Forward.

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