Pillar SC Intrinsic Brand Fungicide


Pillar® SC Intrinsic® Brand Fungicide

Fast acting. Dual actives. One rate.

Introducing best-in-class turf science formulated for lawn care. Pillar SC Intrinsic brand fungicide is a fast-acting, dual-active liquid formulation that delivers broad-spectrum control of up to 26 cool- and warm-season turf diseases, including brown patch, dollar spot, leaf spots and large patch on all turf types with one easy use rate.

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Key Benefits

Fast-acting formulation - Liquid formulation starts working quickly for disease knockdown.

Dual-active ingredients - Powerful premix provides long lasting, broad-spectrum protection against the toughest turf disease.

One easy rate - Easy-to-use label takes the guesswork out of disease control with just one rate for all diseases.

Powered for plant health - Plant health benefits for disease control and healthier turf even under stressful conditions.

Lawn Smarter

Best-in-grass chemistry for healthier lawns

Pillar® SC Intrinsic® brand fungicide pairs the strength of two active ingredients in one powerful broad-spectrum solution for fast curative activity and long-lasting residual control for up to 28 days. In addition to offering excellent disease control, Pillar SC Intrinsic brand fungicide is EPA labeled to improve stress tolerance and growth efficiency to help you achieve beautiful, resilient, high-quality lawns for your customers.

100% formulated for lawns

  • Premix of two powerful active ingredients controls the toughest lawn diseases including the dollar spot that some solo products leave behind
  • Liquid formulation is easier to mix and load and stays in suspension without clogging or settling out
  • Plus, with convenient packaging, you can treat one acre with one bottle or treat smaller areas with an easy-to-read measuring cup

Technical Training

Learn about the benefits of our latest solution for lawn care, Pillar SC Intrinsic brand fungicide.

This fast-acting, dual-active formulation delivers broad-spectrum control of up to 26 cool- and warm-season diseases with one easy use rate, helping you achieve resilient, high-quality lawns for your customers.

Product Specifications

Pillar SC bottle

Packaging: 4 x 43.5 fl oz

FRAC Group: Group 3 + Group 11 (DMI + Qol)

Active ingredients (%): Triticonazole (17.95%) + Pyraclostrobin (15.80%)

Use rate: 1.0 fl oz/1000-ft2

Max annual rate: 218 fl oz/A/year

Formulation: Suspension concentrate (SC)

Bottle treats one acre

Case treats four acres

Convenient package size and easy measuring cup ideally suited for lawn care

Effective Against

Brown patch, Dollar spot, Large patch, Leaf spot, Gray leaf spot, Take-all root rot of warm season turf, Fairy ring, Rust, Pink snow mold, Powdery mildew
(see label for list of all 26 diseases controlled)

Always read and follow label directions.


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