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Q&A with Jeff Vannoy

Senior Product Manager of Turf Solutions at BASF, explains how the BASF 2023 Early Order Program offers a simplified approach to planning, ordering and saving to help lawn

1. What does the theme STRAIGHT FORWARD mean for LCOs and what should their expectations be for the BASF 2023 Early Order Program (EOP)?

JV: Nobody has an easier, more viable program, and that’s what this year’s theme, Straight Forward, is all about. We work hard to give our lawn care customers great pricing on a great portfolio, and we don’t make it complicated. We want our customers to know that when they partner with BASF and order through the most seamless EOP in the industry, they can look forward to delivering exceptional turf conditions while enjoying best-in-class savings.

2. How does 2023 EOP help simplify the planning, ordering and saving process for lawn care?

JV: We make it super easy for LCOs to do business with BASF during EOP by keeping our base program incredibly simple with industry-leading rebates to back it up. Our program only requires $15,000 in spending to earn 10% in rebates. One of our competitors requires $100,000 in spend to get to 10%, and the other requires nearly $50,000. Through our years of market research for EOP, we’ve created a program that consistently scores the highest among end users, so we continue to have this very simple and rewarding EOP that delivers powerful chemistries and industry-leading savings for our customers.

2023 Early Order Program - Lawn Care

Earn rebates up to 10%. Let BASF help you start 2023 stress-free by pointing your turf success in one direction — STRAIGHT FORWARD.

3. Earlier this year, BASF launched Pillar® SC Intrinsic® brand fungicide. How can adding this innovative new lawn care product to their order help lawn care operators have an even more successful season?

JV: Pillar SC Intrinsic brand fungicide was formulated specifically for the lawn care industry. Its fast-acting, dual-active, one-easy-rate chemistry gives LCOs broad-spectrum disease control to tackle the toughest turf threats they deal with while also offering plant health benefits. We made sure that its price reflected the competitive nature of this market without pricing it as a golf product, which is what often happens in this industry. It’s packaged in a simple way, which makes it super simple for technicians to utilize.

4. Tell us about the new Pillar SC Kicker. How does it help LCOs save on their order and get the most from their EOP experience?

JV: This kicker is unique because while most rebates are 1-2%, this one is 5%. If an LCO wants to try our latest lawn care solution, all they need to do is add three cases of Pillar SC Intrinsic brand fungicide to their EOP order and they’ll earn an additional 5% rebate on Pillar SC Intrinsic brand fungicide in addition to their base rebate. It’s all about getting LCOs to give this product a try because we think they will be very happy with this fungicide.

5. Tell us about Across-the-Lawn Solutions. How do they contribute to the versatility of EOP?

JV: If an LCO spends $15,000 and buys three cases of Pillar SC Intrinsic brand fungicide, they’ll earn a 15% rebate on that product and earn an additional 10% rebate on our Across-the-Lawn Solutions portfolio, which includes stand-out products, like FreeHand® 1.75G herbicide, Alucion® 35 WG insecticide and Drive® XLR8 herbicide. No other program allows you to earn a 10% rebate at $15,000, so it’s an extremely competitive offering for LCOs.

6. If you had to give one reason why lawn care operators should start their season by ordering through BASF EOP, what would it be?

JV: The BASF 2023 Early Order Program gives lawn care operators an array of top-tier innovations supported by the year’s deepest savings with no hassles. The 2023 BASF EOP offers extensive savings on some of the most cutting-edge innovations in the industry ensuring LCOs can buy exactly what they need while maximizing their rebates. This year, point your turf success in the right direction — Straight Forward.

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Pillar® SC Intrinsic®  brand fungicide

Best-in-grass chemistry formulated for lawn care.

Drive® XLR8 Herbicide

Driven to perform even better.

Alucion® 35 WG insecticide

Dual-action, curative control of golf course insects.

FreeHand® 1.75G herbicide and FreeHand® CA 1.75G herbicide

Better broad-spectrum control for landscape ornamentals.